Friday, 20 September 2013

Yay you graduated but...You haven't finished learning yet.

I got my latest piece finished! 

I'm experimenting with some different printing techniques and ways of finishing artwork. I've just purchased something that I think is going to help me with these experiments ... keep an eye out on my instagram/twitter tomorrow to find out what! ;)

Monday, 9 September 2013


I'm currently working on a small illustration that revolves around the theme Infinity. I'm not particularly skilled at Maths or Science and so tried to avoid the meaning in that context so chose to look at the idea of our infinite universe.
The night sky is full of little wonders, and many more that we haven't even seen or discovered but trying to put that into an illustration I want to keep fairly simple is proving to be pretty headache inducing. But i'm giving it a go so fingers crossed...
Anyway I'm hoping to have this done by the end of this week but here's my progress so far:

Trying to push some more character development in the recent projects, having fun coming up with them.
Where do hummingbirds come into it? You'll have to wait and see until next time ;)

Like I said before, illustrating the vast space had me stumped so I experimented around a bit, below is one of the more successful results with a bit of ink blotting. 

The image is now on the lino so stay tuned for this weeks results by following my twitter and Instagram!

Summer fun.

After dropping my artwork off at Funky Aardvark gallery, we set off up North for my Pops' 50th birthday in the Lakes. Just what you need after finishing a project and a degree course. It was bliss.

Surrounded by stunning views and taking this guy (The bedraggled Jack Russell pictured) for numerous walks and paddles in lakes, I couldn't help but pick up a pencil:

After sketching the cottage owners beautiful little dog, I got back into a stylised project which was to illustrate an Italian proverb.
 I chose "At the table, surrounded by good food and friends, One does not grow old".

I'm finding that each project brings on a further progression of learning about your craft, from little discoveries to significant changes, and i'm ok with that. (In other words I'm still learning!) But i'm pleased to say that I believe i'm going in the right direction.

Pop on over to to see the finished illustration of my Italian proverb.

Something a little extra...

In between the showery spells we have here in Wales I've been getting out and about for a bit of inspiration. So I hopped in the Car with my Taid and spent the day on Bala lake. 

Nipped in to see my work on show at the Funky Aardvark gallery.
Available to view and buy at Funky Aardvark gallery in Chester, right next to my favourite cafe Mad Hatters!

Funky Aardvark Update

The past couple of updates on here have been about my pieces of art that I was getting ready for a gallery exhibit. I was asked to be a part of a graduate exhibition called In with the New at a gallery in Chester.
I wanted to create some fresh new things after the stress of finishing uni and wanted to have a bit of fun with them. Focusing on character design I continued the theme of social media from my project in Uni, this time using Instagram.
I'm pleased with how they came out, check them out below ...

Friday, 9 August 2013

Working through a filter

I'm back with another round up of my latest #WiP of this past week via my instagram (I promise there's a point to all this Instagram referencing and to be perfectly honest i'm running out of pun titles).
As I've mentioned before I was invited to take part in a local gallery exhibition which will start at the end of August in Chester. I decided to take the time to produce some new and fresh work to pop up on the walls.
This week I've been finalising the images, transferring them to lino blocks and started to carve them out. I have four in total and some pretty nice feeling, fancy looking, (mega expensive) Chinese printmaking paper. I know how to treat my linocuts.

I originally planned to have a few other illustrations but due to space and time (not that kind) I decided to stick to a series of 4. I liked a certain hummingbird which was in one of the illustrations that was cut so I put it into another illustration.

Here's a little sneak peak at the illustration it is now in. This series of illustrations are more character based and fun than some of the projects I worked on in University.

For anyone who ever wondered, owning a parrot and working as an illustrator often don't mix.

 So over the weekend the plan is to have all the lino carved out and ready to go for a living room printing session on Monday morning.
Expect an Instagram post!

I went back over a recent typography experiment to add a little dash of colour and found the results quite useful!

Until Next time!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Here's my #WiP week

A few weeks back I was asked to be in an exhibition for a local gallery hosting a post graduate show. So i'm getting some new work done for that and have a fun little project as well as a series of 3 images that I'm planning on submitting.
I put my #WiP (hence the title) for most of the work that i'm doing on instagram so feel free to follow along over there!
Here's my week in an instagram:

Here's a sneak peak at the series of images I'm considering submitting. The theme is around spirit animals and i'll be working with some typography too. I'll be updating about these this next week as I get ready to take it to print. 

P.s. As some of you may know/ remember my post about my Midnight in Paris poster for ArtVCancer. Well I got selected to be in the exhibition! Unbelievable! Check out all the info at and save the date for the 30th August, if you're in Manchester head on out and I might see you there!

See you next week!
*Cough* You can always follow me over on the ol' twitter, check out my website: or follow my updates on instagram. The links are over in the left column. *Cough* You know, if you fancy.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

My week in an instagram

I started the week off with a quick, fun play around with some typography. I saw a competition to design a Johnny Cash poster but only spotted it a day or so before the deadline so thought i'd give it a crack. It was good to get back onto the lino again and play with type which I don't often do.

I've started a new personal project by tackling a book again. Character development has begun! ^

With another exhibition on the horizon, I'm working on a series of prints all focused around some pretty wicked animal characters! Very fun and exciting, can't wait to get them going and share them! I'll be updating all the details around these as we go!

Like always, leave feedback, comment or just say hi!

'Til next time!