Thursday, 1 August 2013

Here's my #WiP week

A few weeks back I was asked to be in an exhibition for a local gallery hosting a post graduate show. So i'm getting some new work done for that and have a fun little project as well as a series of 3 images that I'm planning on submitting.
I put my #WiP (hence the title) for most of the work that i'm doing on instagram so feel free to follow along over there!
Here's my week in an instagram:

Here's a sneak peak at the series of images I'm considering submitting. The theme is around spirit animals and i'll be working with some typography too. I'll be updating about these this next week as I get ready to take it to print. 

P.s. As some of you may know/ remember my post about my Midnight in Paris poster for ArtVCancer. Well I got selected to be in the exhibition! Unbelievable! Check out all the info at and save the date for the 30th August, if you're in Manchester head on out and I might see you there!

See you next week!
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